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Join us when we start reading key selections from Nietzsche’s book The Gay Science Saturday February 21, 2015 (4pm ET)!
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I wrote my dissertation on Nietzsche. My Nietzsche course draws heavily on the years I spent researching that project and the conclusions I developed by its completion. As an orientation, new students receive a special overview lecture on Nietzsche’s philosophy that integrates his thoughts on numerous topics into a coherent overall picture. In particular we focus on his views on morality, values, truth, language, mind, history, religion, and the practice of philosophy itself.

Regular class sessions are spent reading Nietzsche’s writings aloud and discussing them together.  As we read each text, I unriddle difficult passages, explore their philosophical implications, talk about possible interpretations of each text in its context within the larger scope of Nietzsche’s thought, introduce students to concepts from relevant Nietzsche scholarship, point out debates among Nietzsche scholars and rival readings to my own, and encourage open-ended, collaborative discussion from you as inspired by the texts. Using this method, we read substantial portions of numerous of Nietzsche’s works, without repeats, over the course of a year. You can continue on for as long as you are interested. And during any 16 session span you can be sure to receive a satisfying equivalent of an in-depth university course on Nietzsche if that is all you want. Over the course of any given 16 sessions of class we will at some point explicate core Nietzschean concepts such as immoralism, the death of God, self-overcoming, the will to power, the reevaluation of all values, the eternal recurrence of the same, ressentiment, master and slave morality, and the superhuman. And we will regularly examine Nietzsche’s complicated and nuanced views on the relationships between nihilism, metaphysics, truth, values, and politics. Students can join a section of the Nietzsche class any time, just as they would join a preexisting reading group.

The books we read from the most extensively in class are Human All Too Human, Daybreak, The Gay Science, Thus Spoke Zarathustra, Beyond Good and Evil, On The Genealogy of Morals, Twilight of the Idols, Antichrist, and The Will to Power. No outside reading will be required. There is no university credit for attending these class sessions. For more details on how my classes work in general, please see the FAQ. For more about me, see this page.

Effective January 5, 2015 new enrollments into classes are by subscription costing $39.99/week and they grant student weekly 2 hour live and interactive group class sessions led by me directly. I understand that sometimes students are busy and can’t make it every week. My motto is “the year is long”, we have plenty of time to do philosophy when you are available. I occasionally have to cancel class myself and will also refund you in those cases. All your absences and canceled class sessions are automatically refunded, no questions asked, so you wind up paying only for sessions that I actually hold and that you actually attend. And you can automatically self-cancel your subscription completely at any time, using Paypal (or ask me to cancel it for you). After feeling satisfied with a particular class, students are free to move to another class while continuing on the same subscription or to cancel at that point. Students are also welcome to switch to other running class times on weeks they can’t make the class or time that they’re specifically subscribed to. Students can also inquire about regularly alternating between two concurrently running classes or times to accommodate their inconsistent schedules.

Guaranteed 1-on-1 class sessions are also available. They are typically 1 hour long (but we can work out longer sessions if you prefer) and cost $39.99/hr. Write me at to inquire about 1-on-1 classes or to ask me about possible changes to the group class schedules to accommodate you. I am flexible.

Occasionally there are scholarships available so subscribe to the e-mails (see the top left of this page) even if you cannot yet afford the classes. All paying students are welcome to have their partner, roommate, friends, or others share their computer screen and participate in class with them.

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